rescuing animals,
providing shelter,
facilitating veterinary care,
placing animals for adoption
an unsurpassed spay & neuter program
has awarded us
Peace of mind
saved Lives
happy Families
Worldwide Recognition

And that's only the start.
We love what we do for all animals and their owners in Costa Rica.
Together we will continue doing this with your support.

How can we help?

Providing the best care possible is our main priority

Animal Rescue

Are you aware of an animal that is suffering from abuse? Let us know. We will alert the authorities so we can assist and give all animals the opportunity to be part of a loving family.

Veterinary Services

From routine checkups to vaccines to more complicated surgeries. We have a full time veterinary staff with many years of great experience who are ready to help.

Shelter & Adoptions

Adding a mascot to your family? Adopting one of our wonderful sheltered pets is a great and affordable option.
Stop by and fall in love...today!

Spay & neuter

Controlling the pet population is so important. Have your pet spayed or neutered as part of our outreach program or here in our clinic.
Schedule an appointment today.











Asociación Humanitaria Para la Protección Animal (our animal shelter) is located in the mountains of San Rafael de Heredia, Costa Rica. Known locally as the Refugio, the shelter has been committed to helping animals in Costa Rica for over thirty years. Our mission is to better animals’ lives. We provide affordable services and resources to benefit Costa Rica’s animals. Thousands of companion animals are sterilized, vaccinated and helped every year and adoptions from AHPPA are now commonplace.

From our donors

"I met the great people at the animal shelter back in 2002. I have watched them give so much from themselves throughout the years that I decided to help them out by giving a monthly donation. I read the newsletter and feel that my donation helps achieve so much."
Anonymous donor
“Encontre un perro abandonado en la calle y con el ayudo medico de la buena gente en el refugio de animales pude darle el ayudo medico necesario y tambien darle comida y vacunarlo. Me ayudaron en los momentos dificiles y cuando puedo les visito para expresar mi agradicimiento."
“I simply believe that we should help great organizations that try to do good for animals, which cannot take care of themselves.
My small donation will go a long way and that makes me feel great. Keep up the good work AHPPA and you can count on my monthly donation!”

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Animal Shelter Costa Rica

2 km antes del club Campestre el Castillo, al frente bar la Trova.

WAZE: AHPPA, Heredia, Costa Rica

+506 2267 7158