Every animal deserves a safe and loving home.

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Adopting a pet

We will help you find a loving animal for you and your family

All the animals we place for adoption have been spayed or neutered and fully vaccinated and all adopted animals are welcomed back to our shelter at anytime. 


Adoption FAQ's

After you fill in a brief questionnaire, we will review your information and quickly determine whether you are eligible to take home one of our vaccinated, spayed/neutered pets.  We WANT to place our animals in great homes like yours.  Make an appointment today!

We charge an adoption placement fee equivalent to us$15 (₡10,000) to help us cover the cost of spaying/neutering/vaccinating/feeding each pet available for adoption.  This small donation also includes an “adoption family” lifetime benefit where you will never pay for a veterinary consult for your adopted pet. 

Our pets which are up for adoption come from a variety of life circumstances.  Some have been rescued from traumatic situations and others were born into this world without a family to take care of them.  No matter what the situation, our pets are ready to be loved and to give so much love back in return.

We realize our children will mostly be the driving force behind the decision to adopt and even though that is mostly the case, we do require someone in the household to approve the adoption at 18 years or older.

We are an animal shelter and will always welcome our adopted pets back to our shelter if things do not work out. 

We encourage each family to adopt as many animals as they can love and care for. 

We try to place every animals into a loving home as fast as possible so our availability changes by the minute.  We receive, rescue and save new animals every day.  Please make an appointment to see and meet the animals that are ready to be adopted and loved, today!

Yes, Yes and YES!  We truly feel that the love received from an animal will help every family to fall in love and properly care for every adopted animal. 

Adoption Family Testimonials

“During our appointment at AHPPA we fell in love with the cutest dog and completed the fast process of giving our information and took home our new family member. This was 5 years ago and we are so happy we did it. Thank you AHPPA for all the support you have given us.”
“Our son wanted a dog and our daughter wanted a cat. We ended up choosing a dog and a cat, and adopted both. Our family is complete and very happy.”
“We wanted to get a dog and were considering a breeder. But a friend told us about adopting a pet at AHPPA. We were nervous at first but when we had our appointment, everyone was so nice and after a couple of days we found the perfect dog for our family. We called him "happy" because that is what he brings to our family.”
Anonymous family